Office Hour+

Updated: 2013.03.13

I have physical and virtual offices, where we can meet by appointment during my Office Hour+ (Tuesday, 09:30-11:00 JST). Detailed instructions for making appointments are below.

Geophysical location

My physical office space is here:

View pab's office in a larger map

View pab's office in a larger map

Virtual location

I hold virtual office hours by appointment at Blackboard Collaborate, in a vRoom that accommodates up to three (3) people at a time, including me. I'll send you the URL for my vRoom, when you gmail for an appointment. 

How to make appointments

If you'd like to meet either face-to-face (F2F) or online during my Office Hour+, please send a gmail message asking for appointments at least 48 or, better yet, 72 hours in advance. Please use one of these subjects headings, with underscores punctuating the classes, years, and sections in the key strings:
  • Writing_3-4_13-14_1A: F2F appt.,, please!
  • Writing_3-4_13-14_1A: Online appt.,, please!
  • Writing_3-4_13-14_1C: F2F appt.,, please!
  • Writing_3-4_13-14_1C: Online appt.,, please!
Copy and paste the appropriate subject headings above into your mail subject field, to make certain it is accurate (without the bullet point), and carefully replace "yyyy" with the calendar year, "mm" with a two-digit number for the month (e.g.: 04 for April, 09 for September), and "dd" with a two-digit number for the date (01, 02, 03, ...) that you would like an appointment.

Then, in the body of all such gmail messages, please:
  • Explain why you would like to meet;
  • Suggest a time frame within my office hour+;
  • Include the last five digits of your student number; and
  • Spell out your full name (in a signature is fine).
Please send messages requesting appointments to me at the gmail address you (have) receive(-d) with your class assignment.

You also may ask at opportune times before or during class for an appointment to meet at available times during my next Office Hour+. Nevertheless, in case my schedule changes, I still may ask you to send messages confirming in-class requests to meet either F2F or online.

  1. I adopted and adapted content of this page from a previous post: Office Hours: Gmail for Appointments (2008.04.03, rev. 2009.04.07 & 2009.06.05), with permission of the author (me;-). As I suggested in a comment on that post ... (2010.03.23), detailed instructions for gmail subject headings on this page differ from those in that old post. 
  2. I've revised the subject headings again (2011.02.16).
  3. Please follow instructions on this page from now on.

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