Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking Forward by Looking Back: Best Portfolios

In this post, I'm listing up the best student portfolio posts from last year. I'd like you to browse through them all, to get a clear idea of what's ahead in Writing III and IV, namely course portfolio development.

The portfolio posts listed below show how proto-portfolios fit in to provide an overview of your blogging each semester. They also show how course portfolios comprise both showcases of, and reflections upon the work you do in our Writing Studio.

Granted, the examples below are la crême de la crême, which makes this post a showcase of showcases. Nevertheless, your predecessors were able to achieve such developments without the benefit of a preview like this. Given this preview, you should be able to equal or exceed your predecessors' achievements.

§1A: Best in Show (2008-09)
§1C: Best in Show (2008-09)
I'll be reworking the portfolio template again, to try to eliminate a few more bugs in it, and to tailor it to fit your work this semester. I'll make a revised template available as soon as possible, so you can start building yours between essay assignments. In the mean time, please feel free to post impressions, observations, or questions regarding course portfolios, in comments on this post.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Notes for excused (2009.06.17), reminders for all

This post includes three rough but ready snapshots of class notes, for those students who were away yesterday for student teaching (or other excused absences). These notes also may serve as reminders for everyone else in the Writing Studio this semester - reminders on which I urge you not to become dependent!
  1. Pointers and reminders (P & R),
  2. A collective outline of themes evident in the movie (from §1C), and
  3. Individual essay outlines (topic outlines [classwork, 2009.06.17]).
Pointers and reminders (P & R)

Collective outline of themes
Individual essay outlines
Clicking on the snapshots above will reveal larger displays. As always, if you have concerns or questions about these notes or reminders, please spell them out in comments on this post.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Present Progressive Quiz

This is a quick grammar quiz [that] I gleaned from Carla Arena's blog (Collablogatorium, 2009.06.04). Try it out (Start button), and let me know how you do, and what you think, in a comment on this post.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Follow-up on classwork from June 6

For those of you who had excused absences for student teaching, or were unable to attend an entire studio session on Saturday, June 6, 2009 (during a regular class period, or an earlier one), and let me know in advance; I'm compiling snapshots and follow-ups from class notes. The first three images below will illustrate three parts of the meal served to those who were present:
  1. Antipasta (Reminders)
  2. Prima piatto (Tasks underway)
  3. Secondo piatto (Next steps)
The two snapshots that follow amplify the reminder regarding typing speed trials [which you may view directly only if the typing homework spreadsheet owner grants viewing privileges].
  • Typing track records for §1A (2009.06.08)
  • Typing track records for §1C (2009.06.08)

Prima piatto
(Tasks underway)

Secondo piatto (Next steps)

Sadly, there never seems to be enough time for dessert!

Typing track records, §1A (2008.06.08)

Typing track records, §1C (2009.06.08)

That's about it! If you have concerns or questions about the reminders , classwork, or homework from our June 6 meetings, please spell them out in comments on this post.
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