Friday, December 21, 2012

Language Hungry! by Tim Murphey

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Murphey (2006)
Language Hungry is full of "simple, practical suggestions" for language learners (Helbling online catalog, Language Hungry, 2012.12.21), in bite-sized chunks. I have recommended it to students since an earlier edition came out in 1998.


Murphey, T. (1998). Language Hungry: An Introduction to Language Learning Fun and Self-Esteem. Tokyo: Macmillan Languagehouse. 

Murphey, T. (2006). Language Hungry: An Introduction to Language Learning Fun and Self-Esteem. London: Helbling Languages. [ISBN-10: 3-902504-78-1] [ISBN-13: 978-3902504784]

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

WSBulletin 2-02 (Fall 2012): Book Reviews & Revised Essays

A couple of quick comments already this a.m., and follow-ups (reminders), for everyone:

pab said... 

Hello R..., 

All book reviews this semester need an opening quotation to spark readers' interest, and an APA-style reference at the end. 

Cheers, PB 

December 13, 2012 ... 


Please review WSBlog posts with the labels "quotations" and "references," especially:


Quotations and references for book reviews

pab さんは書きました...


You and your group mates need to rewrite your essay in the _third person_, without "I," "We," or "You" [in main clauses].

Cheers, PB 

Example (from 1C, Dec. 12):

  • Version 2-03a (draft):
    • We chose this actress because she ... and ....
  • Version 2-03b (revision):
    • The reasons we chose this actress were she ... and ....

    If you have concerns or questions about either the on-going book review assignment, or the current movie review assignment, please spell them out in comments on this post.

    [170 words]

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    Stars or stories? A Rough Outline

    This post displays a rough outline of points to consider in planning and drafting your comparative movie reviews. The topics listed below came from maps prepared in both classes. The second option, comparing the same stories told and retold in different movies, didn't get any takers this time. So this outline focuses mainly on the stars, that is, on the same actresses or actors performing in the two or three different movies that your teams have chosen.

    There are three things I'd like each team to consider while re-reading this outline from classwork last week:
    1. This is not a complete outline for any particular review; it's an aggregate. Topics that you didn't announce in class may be just as important as some of those represented here, or more so. For instance, examples of genres and settings in this outline are just that, examples. You'll need to tailor topics that you chose from this outline to suit the movies that you're reviewing.
    2. It isn't necessary to cover all of the points in this outline in your reviews. For instance, you needn't cover stars['] other roles, or lives outside acting. Similarly, some of the stars you'll be focusing on may not have won awards for their performances in the movies you've chosen. So please decide for yourselves whether any particular type of content will complement or support your comparisons of stars' roles, or detract from your reviews of the movies themselves.
    3. The order and arrangement of topics in your reviews may well differ from those in the outline below. These are just the ideas that you and your peers shared with the class. You should consider arranging these and other topics you cover in ways that make it easy for readers to follow your ideas as you develop your reviews from one paragraph to the next.

    If you have concerns or questions about possible content or organization for your joint movie reviews, please spell them out in comments on this post, activate the option to receive follow-up comments by mail, and feel free to respond to your classmates and peers in follow-up comments as well.

    [438 words, including 78 in the outline]

    Monday, December 3, 2012

    Comments on essay prep. posts

    This quick comment collection is to remind everyone what to put in their essay prep. posts, and what not to.

    Numbers of movies to watch

    pab2012年12月3日 13:13
    Hi A...,

    I suggest that you all plan to watch at least two two of the movies, if not all three of them (when you make the third choice), so you'll have a solid basis for comparisons.

    Cheers, PB

    pab2012年12月3日 13:48
    Hi K...,

    Please note, and let your teammates know, that teams of three need to watch three movies that are related either by stars in them or similar stories.

    Cheers, PB

    Bases for selections, foci for planning

    December 3, 2012 1:20 PM
    Thanks for the info., M....

    Now what's the connection among those films?

    Cheers, PB

    2012年12月3日 13:29
    Hi 'A...,

    Thanks for sharing this info. Now would you please ...? You also should all plan to co-write about all three movies.

    Cheers, PB

    2012年12月3日 13:32
    Hi M...,

    I hope you'll consider not only differences but also similarities from the get go (from this early planning stage onward). [emphases added]

    Cheers, PB

    Too much personal info.

    2012年12月3日 13:29
    Hi 'A...,

    Thanks for sharing this info. Now would you please trim your teammates' family names back to their initials? You also should ....

    Cheers, PB

    2012年12月3日 13:37
    Hi M...,

    Thanks for sharing this info. Now would you please trim your teammates' family names in your post back to their initials?

    Cheers, PB

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