Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ezine Article about Essay Writing (Bomfoco, 2007)

The purpose of this post is two-fold, namely to:

  1. Point out an article about essay writing for you to peruse (Bomfoco, 2007), and 
  2. Provide an example of an APA-style reference citation for a Nonperiodical Web Document, Web Page, or Report (Purdue OWL, Reference List: Electronic Sources (Web Publications), 2012).

You can find the article by opening the link in the reference below. The yellow backgrounds in the reference citation highlight extra information I've included that is beyond APA recommendations.


Bomfoco, Marco A. (2007, May 2). Essay writing technique - 7 simple steps. Retrieved April 23, 2013, from http://ezinearticles.com/?Essay-Writing-Technique---7-Simple-Steps&id=544581

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Start-Up Labels (2013)

This post is a derivation from a previous post on the Writing Studio Blog, Start-up labels (2012), April 22, 2012.

Here are labels that you will need to use for required posts on your blogs:

  • books, brainstorms, drafts, essay prep., essays, fiction, free-writing, graphics, links, media, mind-maps, movies, non-fiction, outlines, quickposts, references, reviews, revisions, typing, websites (20)

For example, on book reviews, you will need to use at least four (4) labels, including:

  • books, references, reviews, ... (all comma-spaced values [CSVs]); plus:
    • fiction, OR
    • non-fiction.

The label "references," and the minimum number "four (4)" for book reviews (above), are new for 1st semester this year. All book review posts will need APA-style references, for which your instructor will provide models and templates, from 1st semester onward.

Please feel free to use other suitable labels, as well. For example, genre labels like "adventure," "biography," or "history" (one or another, without quotation marks) are welcome. That is, as long as they reflect the content of individual book review posts.
For details on how to use other required labels, please see Sheet 1 in the Labels and Links page on the Writing Studio Blog.

Now, to jump-start your labels collections, please:

  1. Copy and paste the 20 labels in the first list above into a new draft post on your own blog;
  2. Entitle the new draft post, "My Start-Up Labels" (in title case, without quotation marks);
  3. Copy and paste the labels in the list above into the Labels field on the draft start-up labels post;
  4. Publish the start-up labels post on your blog; and then
  5. Add a labels gadget to the sidebar of your blog.
Note: At present, the maximum number of labels that you can put on a post is twenty (20).

Once you've published your start-up labels posts, with 20 labels in the label field as well as in the body of the posts, the labels will show up in your Labels gadget. Then, when you compose new posts, you will be able to choose appropriate labels for required posts, rather than having to type them in by hand.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mind-maps for Essays 1-01a: Letters to Host Families

Here are collective mind-maps from two classes today, showing related topics in connected branches of each diagram. Though many of the topics in the two mind-maps are the same or similar, there are topics or sub-topics and examples in each that differ.

Please note that the organization of elements on various branches is flexible. So is the order of presentation in general, though self-introductions came first, and were most detailed, in both maps. You should feel free to borrow and elaborate ideas and organizational schemes from both as you revise your letters to host families for Essays 1-01a.

Mind-map from §1C
Mind-map from §1A
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