Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PocketCultures: Poll of the Month (September 2010)

Thanks to a link from Carla Arena, who explores "the wonders of the Online World" from Brazilia (Google Profile), I discovered the PocketCultures website today. On it, prominently displayed near the top of the home page, was a Poll of the Month asking, "How many languages do you speak?"

Though people responding to that poll hardly represent a random sample of world populations, or even blogger populations for that matter, it is interesting to note two points in particular:
  1. Less than a quarter of current responses represent speakers of only one language, and
  2. More than a quarter of the responses represent speakers of more than three languages!
 (2010.09.28, c. 11:00 JST)

How about you: How many languages do you speak now, and how many do you want to be able to speak in the future?

If you're interested in finding out about various cultures around the world, PocketCultures offers three categories of posts to explore, focusing on topics, people, and blogs. Check 'em out, and let us know what you discover in a comment on this post when you get back!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YouTube - podEnglish's Channel

If [you] enjoy watching short, sometimes humorous video clips to practice listening and review English expressions and grammar that you know – or to learn more, you might like to try these micro-lessons:
  • YouTube - podEnglish's Channel: "Bite[-]sized video English lessons to help you learn English.... This is the complete collection of English lessons from beginner to advanced" (channel info.).
There are 80 clips on that channel now, both topic-focused and situational. In addition to that collection, you also can find six other playlists of videos at various levels of instruction (beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced) to choose from here.

Please let your classmates, peers, and me know which ones you try, and what you think of them, by sharing your thoughts in comments on this post. If you wish, you can use the "same window" link recipe from the LTD Project Wiki (HTML Tips & Tutorials) to add reader-friendly links from your comments to selected videos you recommend.
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