Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Online Typing Course

Though I'm not sure how good this online typing course is, it should be worth a try! "Try it without registering" or "register for free to start the full course now" (Free Online Typing Course, 2008.02.27).

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Library Thing Widget

This quick post announces the addition of a LibraryThing widget to the sidebar. The widget feeds on recent additions to my LibraryThing catalog (above), a long-awaited follow-on to the very first post on this blog last year (An Extensive Reading (ER) Project, March 1, 2007). This post is also the second half-century post (150 of 150, today) on the Writing Studio Blog.
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Inspiration to Write: 100 Words a Day

Did you ever wonder what college teachers do during spring recess?

Well, although you shouldn't take me as representative of teachers probably numbering in the hundreds of thousands if not millions, world wide, I have been busy. At the moment, the end of a Weblogging for Educators workshop in which I have been participating is approaching.

I'm taking time out from that to share a few words of inspiration I found on a blog called Reflections on a Ridiculous Word that workshop organizers had pointed out to participants. What the workshop organizers pointed out was a quick post by a writer and photographer who goes by the flickr handle, "yule" (Photos from sidetracked).

The title of the post was "About 100 Words," and the photo of the yurt in the header of the blog was almost breathtaking for the way it captured plays of light and space in the desert. I'd reproduce the photo here, but I'm afraid that it is like the other professional photos that I've just browsed in yule's portfolio (sidetracked, collections, Artistic). That is, copyright ( © ), all rights reserved.

The quotation featured in that post was from another location, "one of the first social tasking websites":

The idea is simple:
Write 100 words a day....

(About 100 Words, ¶ 7).

Although I didn't join that site, all in all, this webquest to round out a long day has been plenty of inspiration to write over 250 more words than I had already today.

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