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Revised: 2013.03.13

Blogger now calls widgets gadgets. However, we occasionally use the terms interchangeably. This page presents a few that are important, if not necessary, for full participation in writing classes in the Weblogging in Kumamoto (WinK) community.

Get personal Profile and Recent Comment gadgets!

These are widgets one and two for many if not most bloggers. To get them, go to your dashboard by clicking the orange B button on your blog.

Then open the More options menu (green star), and select Layout (blue oval).

At the top of the sidebar mockup that appears, click on the Add a gadget link. A pop-up window (Add a Gadget) will open, from which to choose . . .

. . . Basics: Profile –

, and

More Gadgets: Recent Comments –


For a complete list of the gadgets that pab recommends, please browse Gadgets sheet in the Avatars, Gadgets, Pages, and Settings page.

///// Revised to here (2013.03.13): If you find broken gadgets or links below, please let me know in class. Thank you! pab /////

Get buzz from the Writing Studio Blog!

Writing Studio Blog link gadget

The gadget that the first button below will help you install on your blog is a link that will let you quickly check the Writing Studio Blog for information about your writing course.

Once you've installed that link gadget, you will be able to browse the Writing Studio Blog with one click from the sidebar of your own blog.

If you want to add a link gadget with multiple links, to give you and visitors to your blog easy access to sites that you recommend and visit frequently, Customize your blog by adding a Link List gadget from Bloggers' Basic gadget collection.

Writing Studio Blog feed gadget

The gadget that the next button below will install on your blog lists the five most recent posts from the Writing Studio Blog on your own blog.
Once you've installed the feed gadget, you'll be able to see previews of what's new on the Writing Studio Blog without clicking at all!


I'm indebted to Mr. T. (Blogger widgets for WinK) for preparation of those two installer buttons (pab, 2010.04.06).

Get a Class Feed gadget (or several)!

Third for Mr. T's students, and perhaps one of the most important for sustaining communication among bloggers reading and commenting on each others' blogs, is a class feed display. Mr. T. explains and illustrates how to add a class feed gadget to your blog in a page on a separate site; to find out how, please click here.  Like the Writing Studio Blog feed gadget (above), this feed gadget will let you see at a glance to your sidebar what's new on your classmates' and peers' blogs.

Try Other Gadgets.

I'll be planting other demo. gadgets here. They tend to break from time to time. If there is anything else you'd like to see in action, please let me know in class.

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Writing Studio Blog posts about gadgets

To find out more about gadgets, browse all of the Writing Studio Blog posts with the gadgets label: 
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