Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prep. for exams in §§ 1A § 1C

At the end of class yesterday (July 10), one of your classmates asked what she could do to prepare for the exam on July 24. 

I told her, as I had told students who had asked earlier (about early exams for students heading overseas) that some previous exam items are accessible online in my Slideshare presentation library, which in turn is accessible from a gadget in the Writing Studio Blog (WSBlog) sidebar. That gadget, which is quite a ways down the WSBlog sidebar (currently on the right), looks like this:
All of you are welcome to review previous test items on Slideshare, as well as your predecessors' responses to them on the Writing Studio Blog. Please keep in mind, however, that:
  1. Not all previous exams are in that library;
  2. New exam items _will_ be different; and
  3. Exam formats may vary.
To find out more about previous exams in Writing III (and IV), it also would be a good idea to speak with your predecessors in person. Then I suggest that you share what you learn from them, and prepare jointly for exams with classmates or peers in §§ 1A or 1C. To get started, please tell your classmates and peers about this post!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Practically Perfect Predecessors' Portfolios

As part of preparation for creating your own portfolios, I'd like to ask you to do the following. Please:
  1. View the slides in the presentation embedded below, 
  2. Follow the instructions on slides two and three, and 
  3. Review the portfolios that you find through the links on slide four. 
Then please return to this post, and add a comment about which of your predecessors's portfolios you think is the best from each section (1A and 1C), and why you think so.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

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