Thursday, August 16, 2012

Even birds may enjoy bluegrass!

The bird on the guitar in the screenshot above (from approx. two minutes into a rough but ready video) seems to have dropped in to listen to Josh Williams, who stopped playing and pet the bird, but continued singing the song. 

KeenValleyGuy, who uploaded the following video, pegged the event at the Doyle Larson Bluegrass Festival, in Denton, NC, on May 5, 2011:

Josh Williams - Mordecai, uploaded by KeenValleyGuy, June 7, 2011

Since the bird didn't get it's own mic, it's hard to tell whether it actually did sing along!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Writing Studio Bulletin 2-00 (2012): Summer Blogging

What follows is a reply to a student who had written, and asked about blogging (s-)he'd done at the beginning of August.

Hello ..., 
Thank you for your message (Fri, Aug 3, 2012[,] at 11:55 PM; below).  
From it, I gathered that you'd been blogging for the previous few days (Aug. 1-3). You seemed to ... [have been] wondering whether words you'd written since the final exam would count for 1st (spring) semester. 
As I announced in class, displayed on monitors, and summarized on the whiteboard; book reviews and other posts that you write in August and September will count towards achievement of _2nd_ (fall) semester course goals (Writing IV, section[s] 1A & 1C). Writing you've done in August won't influence your grade for 1st semester. Complete Proto-Portfolio and Portfolio Elements entries for 1st semester writing through July were due Aug. 1, as were 1st semester Portfolios.  
Please keep track what you write in August and September in your _2nd_ semester Proto-Portfolios [PPFs] spreadsheet. It sounds like you've got an early start. 
Cheers, PB
(Sun, Aug 5, 2012[,] at 11:22 AM)

I'm sharing that reply here, so you all will understand that you are welcome to continue writing original book reviews and other posts during the summer recess, and to count them in your 2nd semester PPFs. 

To start earning credit for 2nd semester, please note that complete PPF entries for August and September will be due Oct. 1.

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