Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Suitable Labels for Posts

Here are a couple more comments and follow-up remarks that I'd like to share with everyone:

Follow-up remarks
pab2012年5月14日 9:02
Hi K...,

I note that you've changed your blog title, and started posting frequently. 

Now I'd like to ask you to do me a favor. Would you please reserve the label "free-writing" for "essay prep." assignments that I give leading up to composition of complete essay posts? 

You can use "homework" or "studies" for a third label on this post.

Cheers, PB
For labels on posts, please follow the instructions in the Google spreadsheet in the Labels and Links page on the Writing Studio Blog,
pab2012年5月14日 9:05
PS: Please also share what you learn from this comment about labels with your classmates (1C) and peers (1A). Cheers, PB
pab2012年5月20日 11:58
Hi S...,

I definitely recommend getting into healthy eating habits early on.

Regarding labels, would you please reserve "essays" and "free-writing" in particular for specific writing assignments that I give in class?

Suitable labels for this post would be "food, habits, [and] health" (without the quotation marks or the word in square brackets).

Cheers, PB
For labels on posts, please follow the instructions in the Google spreadsheet in the Labels and Links page on the Writing Studio Blog,

I'd like to ask everyone to review and revise their labels, as necessary, especially on:
  1. Book reviews:
    • "books, reviews, ..." (CSV, without quotation marks);
  2. Draft essays:
    • "drafts, essays, ..." ( CSV, without quotation marks); and
  3. Revised essays:
    • "essays, revisions, ..." (CSV, without quotation marks).
Suitable labels on book reviews, essays, and the like, will enable classmates, peers, teachers, and visitors, to browse and find your posts easily, when they click on active labels in labels gadgets in your blog sidebars.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

University Life: Aggregate Topic Outline

University Life
Aggregate mind-map: main branches
Aggregate mind-map: §§ 1A & 1C, 2012.05.16
(Click for closer viewing.)
  • Access
    • bus service
      • KGU liner
      • other buses
      • nearest bus stops
      • timetables
        • first bus
        • frequency
        • last bus
    • train service
      • nearest station
        • distance to uni.
    • automobiles
      • taxis
        • rates
      • personal vehicles
        • parking
  • Buildings
    • locations
    • maps
    • newer buildings
    • older buildings
  • Extra-curricular activities
    • clubs
      • culture
        • tea ceremony
        • other
      • sports
    • events
      • festivals
      • graduation
      • parties
      • other
  • Food services
    • breakfast time?
    • lunch time
      • bakery
        • food quality
        • prices
      • cafeteria
        • food quality
        • prices
      • convenience store
    • dinner time?
  • Shops
    • bookstore
    • convenience store
  • Wish list
    • fast-food shops
      • MacDonald's
      • other
    • more elevators
      • (see: Buildings)
    • multi-lingual signs
      • English
      • other languages
    • music store
  • Faculties
    • Commerce
    • Economics
    • Foreign Languages
      • English
      • other
    • Social Welfare
  • Graduate school
  • Facilities
    • Library
      • collections
        • books
        • DVDs
        • magazines
        • newspapers
        • references
      • study spaces
        • report writing
        • other activities
    • e-Campus Center
      • computer labs
        • Macs
        • Windows
      • work stations
    • English Lounge
      • activities
    • Gymnasium
      • training room
    • other
  • Special programs
    • Certification exams
      • training courses
      • test sessions
    • Study abroad opportunities
    • other
  • Timetables
    • 1st per.
    • ...
    • last per.
    • evening courses
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comment collection, 2012.05.09

This post displays a collection of recent comments from individual blog posts and pages, with brief explanations for everyone about:
  • personal information,
  • post titles
  • labels on posts,
  • comments on pages (new),
  • follow-up comment subscriptions,
  • Google Doc file sharing, and
  • editing HTML code.

pab さんは書きました...
Hi Ayumi,

Would you please remove your student number and family name (except for the initial, H., perhaps) from this post? Thanks.

In general, reveal no more personal information on your blogs than absolutely necessary.
pab さんは書きました...
Hi Shiori,

Would you please reserve the key string "Essay 1-02a" for your complete draft essay in a new post? A better title for this post might be "Brainstorm about University Life" (without quotation marks).

Cheers, PB

Titles of posts should accurately reflect the actual content on posts.
pab さんは書きました...
PS: The last three labels that you applied to this post need commas and spaces between them: "..., KGU[,] [u]niversity, student[s]" (without quotation marks or square brackets).

Labels, like titles, should accurately reflect the content of posts. They need to be separated by commas, and should only be capitalized if proper nouns or acronyms. Use plural forms of nouns.
pab2012年5月9日 15:26
Hi Yurika,

Thanks for sharing your PPFs today. Now would you please increase the height of the embedded spreadsheet to about 500 pixels?

Cheers, PB
This comment is on a Proto-Portfolios page, rather than on a post. It is the first page that I've seen on which commenting is possible. However,
when I tried to subscribe to get follow-up mail notification, I kept getting error messages, like this: "サーバーへの接続中にエラーが発生しました。" So please tell me in class if you post replies in follow-up comments on Proto-Portfolios pages.
pab2012年5月9日 15:42
Hi Mari,

Just sharing your Proto-Portfolios spreadsheet, and embedding it in this page is not enough. You need to make data entries for all previous months right away, and then add entries by the first of each month from now on.
Same story here: This is another comment on a Proto-Portfolios page. Though comments on pages represent new functionality, follow-up subscriptions still don't work. So please tell me in class if you post replies in follow-up comments on Proto-Portfolios pages.

Complete Proto-Portfolio entries for each month are due by the first of the next month.
pab2012年5月9日 16:09
Hi Ayumi,

Though you have successfully published your Proto-Portfolios in this page, you haven't made entries for Feb., Mar., and Apr., which were due May 1. You also haven't shared the Google Spreadsheet with me so i can mark it. Please do so right away.

Cheers, PB
In order to get credit for Proto-Portfolios, you must share them with me from Google Docs, using my gmail address, and grant me editing privileges.
pab2012年5月9日 16:12
PS: you also should increase the height of the spreadsheet embedded here from 300 pixels (default) to about 500 pixels. In order to do that, you need to open this page for editing in HTML mode. PB
Students who missed the session on embedding Proto-Portfolio workbooks in blog pages need to make sure that they edit the iframe code on their pages in HTML editing mode, changing "...height='300'..." to "...height='500'..." (numbers enclosed in single quotation marks).

[490 words]

Commenting on peers essays

Essays 1-02a, about university life, were due on Monday, May 7. Please work your way UP list, and add comments to the first five (5) essays you find that classmates posted before 5 p.m. on Monday, May 7.

If you don't find essays (labeled: "drafts, essays, ...," immediately up-list from you, posted before 5 p.m. on Monday, May 7, please ask a lab. assistant or your teacher to help you search for late or missing essays.

Each comment that you post on your classmates' essays should include all four of the following elements (PQRS) announced in class:
  1. Praise,
  2. Questions,
  3. Reflections, and
  4. Suggestions.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blog settings: Basic to Other

To get to your settings, click on Settings in the sidebar on your blog Overview page. You can also get to your settings from your Dashboard, by opening the drop-down menu next to your blog. 

Below are screenshots of settings that I recommend for blogs you use for Writing III-IV.

Basic Settings: Privacy 

Remember to save your settings, whenever you change them.

Posts and Comments: Comments

Please turn comment moderation ON, and change the default moderation-free time limit to about ... [30] days. That will enable your classmates, your peers, you, and I to see each other's comments and responses online, soon after we post them.

Mobile and Email

If you wish to post via email, I recommend saving mailed posts as drafts, so you can review them and add suitable labels before you publish them. SMS posts are another option.

Language and Formatting

For the sake of learning the English language, yourselves and with classmates and peers, I recommend using English as the display language on your blogs. In any case, please: 
  1. Set your blogs to our current time zone; 
  2. Use complete date headers with day and year; and
  3. Include time stamps on both posts and comments.

Other: Site Feed

Last for now, please make certain that you have enabled full feeds for both posts and comments. That will make it possible for your classmates, peers, and teachers to read your posts quickly and easily in RSS readers such as Google Reader (Getting Started Guide).

[255 words]
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