Revised July 9, 2014

This page displays consecutive versions of proto-portfolio spreadsheets from the past few years. The spreadsheets are in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest). They represent activity on the Writing Studio Blog. Below the proto-portfolio displays on this page, there are notes about resizing spreadsheet displays to fit a blog template.

It is often challenging to keep track of comments, especially out-going comments. So here are a few pointers:
  1. A good way to count out-going comments – the ones that you post on classmates', instructors' or peers' blogs, is always to enable follow-up comment notification whenever you leave comments on their blogs. This suggestion comes from the post: Blog Comment Security & Follow-up Settings (March 31, 2008). 
  2. Another post to check out for refined ways to count out-going comments is this one:
  3. To count in-coming comments on your blog, including your own follow-up comments and replies to comments from others on your posts, please check on your own Dashboard (Posting: Edit Posts).
  4. For power users:
    • Create a label for follow-up comment notifications, for example:
      • "My comments (out)" (without quotation marks).
    • Create mail filters (Gear menu: Settings: Filters) for notifications in languages your classmates and peers may use on their blogs, for example, English and Japanese:
      • Matches: "[your user name] has left a new comment" (without square brackets)
        • Do this: Apply label "My comments (out)"; 
      • Matches: "[your user name] さんが投稿" (again without square brackets)
        • Do this: Apply label "My comments (out)"; &
    • Include all previous messages matching those filters in your new collections.
      • Any other labels you've already added will remain active.

Proto-Portfolios 1.3a1 (2014-15)

Proto-Portfolios 1.2b (2013-14)

Proto-Portfolios 1.1a (2012-13)

Proto-Portfolios 1.0a (2011-12)

Proto-Portfolios 1.0 (2010-11)

The 2010-11 academic year was the first year that Factors came into play on students' proto-portfolio spreadsheets. That was on the row for book reviews (BRs). Formulas in 2010-11 spreadsheets automatically count each BR in the first two months of a semester as 1.5 BRs; each BR in the second two months of a semester counts as 1.25 BRs. This is to encourage plenty of reading early each semester.

Proto-Portfolios 0.1a (2009-10)

Proto-Portfolios 0.0 (2008-09)


  1. An iframe width set to 500 pixels fits the main column in _this template_ (Simple, changed 2011.02.06). 
  2. I've increased the default frame height of the spreadsheet displays from 300 to ... [700] pixels, to show additional rows (and the beginning of notes) at the foot of the spreadsheets (PB, 2014.03.15).
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